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How America Has A Corporate Communication Crisis

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America has a communication crisis. This is not a political blog so I'm not going to talk about politics, because that is, as we've seen divisive and this blog is not about dividing. This blog is about boundaries and living your best life and you can do that no matter what side of the political fence you live on, but what I'm talking about today in the communication crisis that America has is within our corporations and our organizations. 

Managers and employees aren't communicating together the right way, because there is stuff that both parties are bringing to the table that they're unaware of. Coming soon there's a book coming out that I am co authoring with someone very special to me and we're going to talk about this particular subject and how to address it, and how to fix it because quite frankly, people don't know that it exists and corporations are running the risk of a significant challenging even or an organization that could simply lose everything and we've seen the situation what happened with the Harvey Weinstein company. 

So stay tuned for more book announcements!

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